Staff announcement:

The Big Blue Button (BBB) issues has been resolved.

Attention for All Staff:

As you are aware, all second-year courses will remain in Moodle for returning second-year students to complete their current course.  With the new teaching and learning directives set by the organisation for synchronous and asynchronous delivery, we have created some page/lesson templates for you to copy and use within your course to identify those lessons as appropriate.  This is similar to the ones you will be using with your first-year students in ALO and are currently receiving training for. 


Download GUIDE "How to copy the template"

If you would like additional training on Moodle please do not hesitate to contact the Digital Education Services team. 

Please complete the student survey.
Log in to ProPortal (via the above link) using your usual network username and password
and then follow the link on the noticeboard as highlighted in this image.

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